“What can I expect from an appointment with Tracey Vaughan Counselling?”


Tracey Vaughan Counselling is located in Midsomer-Norton.  It is in a discrete location behind the main high street, close to St John’s church.  If you are arriving by car there are local, easily accessible free car parking facilities.



The consulting room is on the first floor of Orchard House.  It is accessed by one flight of stairs.  Entrance to the building is via a private front door with an intercom system.

I will meet you at the door and show you to the small waiting room.  Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your appointment as this prevents you from running into other clients, protecting yours and their confidentiality.

Waiting room

Introductory Appointment:

At your appointment time I will invite you into the consulting room.  This is a comfortable, private space where you and I can talk and begin to create a therapeutic relationship.  This will not necessarily happen straight away as it takes time to develop the rapport and trust. However, it is important that in the first session you develop a sense of whether you feel that we will be able to work together.  This is crucial but is an individual and unique response. For this reason I offer this introductory session for free, to enable you to have a sense of what working with me is like, and whether this is right for you.

If following the introductory session you decide that you would like to commence therapy  then I will set up an assessment session. This appointment involves an assessment of you and your presenting issue.  This is to ensure that counselling is the proper course of action for you at this time. This is an important point because whilst your autonomy and choices are respected, I have a duty of care to you to ensure your safety whilst receiving therapy.


In this session there will be the opportunity for you to begin to talk about the reasons that have brought you to counselling, and what you hope to achieve from it.

At the end of the assessment session if both you and I are in agreement that therapy is right for you then I will ask you to sigh a framework agreement for the therapy to ensure there is commitment to the therapy between you and me.

Counselling room

Ongoing Appointments:

If you decide that you would like to continue to work with me on a regular basis, we will set up your appointments.  We will decide between us at the outset, whether you wish to have short term or long term therapy depending on your needs.  This will be reviewed at regular intervals as your needs can sometimes change.


All sessions are 50 minutes long.

“Humans ability to grow is infinite ….

when they feel safe.”


-Carl Rogers